Amsterdam is usually a destination craved not because of the Van Gogh Museum, let’s be honest, but for the tolerance they have concerning the consumption of soft drugs such as weed.

To be more specific soft drugs are those ones that do not make you addictive to them, not like cocaine and heroine, which not only make you a slave but they also fry your brain.

In Holland there is a tolerant policy about weed, but tolerance doesn’t mean legal. In The Netherlands all types of drugs are illegal; it’s illegal to produce, detain, sell, import and export drugs. Weed is tolerated under strict rules and conditions. Remember that Holland is only a region of The Netherlands, so rules can change according to the region you go.

Having said that, cannabis (while remaining illegal) can be purchased without going to jail, only and exclusively in the famous coffeeshops. Many of these places are really beautiful, perfectly decorated in different styles and here you can not only buy, but also consume Maria comfortably sprawled on sofas with a nice hot tea in front of you, listening to music of various genres.

Coffeeshops have strict rules to follow:

-no entry for under-18s

– you can buy a maximum of 5g each, closed in an airtight package

– within 95% of the time is NOT possible to alcohol consumption

– it is forbidden to advertise cannabis, in fact, the coffee shops are very discreet places.

– forbidden to disturb the peace (Amen!)

– the coffee shop can not own more than 500 grams

– no smoking cigarettes, in some cases you can’t even have them on the table, in fact, to roll your joint they provide the Gringo, an aromatic type of tobacco that I do not like.

The Dutch, in contrast to other European countries, realized that it is impossible to prohibit the use of these soft drugs and thought it was better to adopt a policy of tolerance that controls the consumption, to prevent drug dealers and criminals to splurge like crazy, and gain some money in terms of taxes.

The production is tolerated up to a maximum of 5 plants for medical use, for the detention instead maximum 5gr for personal use, closed in the right package.

If you mess up, you risk a fine, but in the Netherlands there is the “concept of opportunity” that is actually inside the criminal law of the Netherlands. In a nutshell, they may decide not to prosecute someone if he/she did not threaten the public order. In short, if you mind your own business, no one will bother you. Possession of softdrugs is not considered an actual crime but rather an infringement.

So is it legal or illegal?

The answer is: it is tolerated, according to the rules. As it should be.

Well having said that, let’s get to the point.

There are three types of cannabis: Indica (the one that relaxes), the Sativa (that excite you and makes you feel energetic) and a Ruderalis (which is used to give strength to the mixes that are created with Sativa and Indica) and are usually distinguished from colored stamps that marks the strength of effects.

Psychoactive substances found in these herbs are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, daaamn!), And CBD (cannabidiol). THC has exciting effects while the CBD oxidant and more relaxing, the Sativa in fact, has a higher concentration of CBD, and it’s the most used for medical treatment of pain, because it can activate the brain and improve the life quality for a patient, such as ALS patients.

Inside coffeeshops we find some very large chart with all kinds of cannabis sold. Yes, because the categories Sativa and Indica branch out into further subcategories, created in laboratories by real experts. From the mix of Sativa and Indica are born over 40 types of weed and the most famous are Skunk, White Widow and Haze, which in turn are divided into more kinds that have different tastes, flavors, more or less strong effects based on the amount of THC and CBD in them. There’s even an app called https://www.leafly.com/apps Leafly that divides all types of weed for example  according to its effects, and it’s really interesting!

The weed is smokable in cigarettes (weed only or weed+tobacco ), in blunt, rather than in a normal map, is wrapped in a tobacco leaf (if you’re new in this I suggest you to avoid it, is suffocating), with a bong (an ampoule with the glass tube) and with the Cylum (a kind of pipe). Cannabis is also edible! Still inside the coffeeshops are prepared sweets and pastries called Spacecakes, made with marijuana butter. Be careful though,  because the effects are stronger and are not immediate (it has effects about an hour later), so remember to be responsible!

My personal recommendation if you want to do this kind of experience is to do so in a careful, informed way and keep your head on straight!

Let me know your experiences! And if you have questions do not hesitate, let’s tumble down this taboo!



This article has no intention to promote or push people to consume marijuana, but is simply an illustrative text.

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