To future and beyond!

Towards the end of 2015, Giovanni and Mattia (two friends we met at university) came to see us, we spent New Year’s Eve together and we took the chance to visit Rotterdam. During the II World War it was bombed and razed to the ground, so the Dutch decided to rebuild it in a completely different style from before: you can feel modernity and futurism in the air.

We got there late in the morning and we started wandering around. I was quite amazed at those buildings, those weirdly-shaped houses which were so different from the usual all-windowed Dutch terraced houses. Every time we came across one of the houses we stared at them like owls, trying to figure out the inner, as from the outside it seemed like the inhabitants had to fight with gravity every day.

Rotterdam is mostly acknowledged for these buildings, so I think it is a must-see destination for all architects and industry lovers! Our visit continued to the covered market, where any kind of food or beverage is sold, from sushi to espresso. The market is located in a building which inner has been accurately decorated with fruit and vegetables pictures. Obviously the sight of sushi was mouth-watering for the team Giulia-Lisa, so we couldn’t leave the place without enjoying a couple of delicious California rolls!

The Erasmusbrug bridge, nicknamed “The Swan” for its shape thanks to those ropes that give it wings, is really cool especially at sunset… Indeed the white lights that illuminate the bridge at night give it even a smarter look.

The city offers also amazing and colourful graffiti and mural paintings, these are kind of geometrical too, perfectly combined with Rotterdam architecture.

Culturally speaking, Rotterdam does have some museums but just about boring stuff in my opinion!


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