Leiden? NOPE

One day me and my high-sprinted friend Rachel, a real British, decided to go for a walk in Leiden. I have to be honest, probably it was because of the horrible weather, the pouring rain, but I did not like Leiden at all! The town is generally drab. The only nice part is the pedestrian walkway with some shops but besides this, nothing else. We spent the day wandering passing from one consolatory pastry to another. Leiden is also a university town, but that day around the city it was just me, Rachel and the pouring rain.

Unfortunately, I haven’t much to say about this city.

Oh, it seems, in Leiden, they adore Italian food. At every corner there was a ‘Pizzeria da Pino’, obviously closed that day!

If it hadn’t been for the amazing company (Rachel always brighten up my days, even if we currently are in different countries) thad day woul have ended up on the scrap heap.

Love you Rachel <3



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