“Bye mom, I’m leaving!”, this is the sentence that my poor mom hears more often and the standard answer is
“You’re coming back though, right?”.
My mom knows very well what kind of wild spirit she brought to this world. However, I haven’t introduced my self yet, I’m Giulia, a 23 years old student-worker-crazy-hyperactive-INeverStayStill weirdo.

Ok, hold on.

Let me tell you something: I’m a mess. I’m a mess with my stuff, my room, my life in general so I’m gonna put as much effort as I can trying to explain you something about me.

I’m Giulia and I’m crazy. I love to follow my instinct and to go where my heart leads me. I adore wandering without a destination and enjoying the beauty of the place I get lost in. I don’t have any sense of direction, in my backpack I have always 2-3 maps and the essential Google Maps that help me to go back on track.

I’m sickly curious, I always fill people with tons of questions and I always ask Why, just like a 3-year-old kid. Positivity, smiles, loudness and laughs are a big part of who I am. Spontaneous, with no filters, honest and eww if I cannot have everything. I don’t like half ways. I drink life as a big, refreshing glass of iced tea at 3PM in a scorching afternoon of August: in big swigs, so big that I get hiccups.I’m a savage. I hate shoes and if I can I walk barefoot. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve got plenty of shoes but, idk, I love walking barefoot and then look under my feet and see that they are dirty.

I easily get moved and I’m very empathic. I love nature and animals and I adore authentic, uncontaminated places.

When I have the chance in terms of money I travel.

I’ve lived in Venice, Northern Italy, since I was 4. My dad is Neapolitan and my mom is Venetian; I lived in Naples until my mom got pregnant with my brother, Vittorio. So when I speak Italian I mix the two dialects.

I study, or at least I try. I study Communication at the University of Padua. I should graduate soon, a little bit later than expected actually, but soon! And then…I work! I work at Marco Polo Airport in Venice and this is the main reason I’m late with my studies. Working at the airport is nice, but you know the feeling when eveyone is travelling but you? Yeah, exactly that.

I have a dog, the most beautiful, adorable and lovely dog on the planet: Belle, like the Princess Belle from Walt Disney’s The Beauty and The Beast. She accompanies me through my daily life and she follows me even when I need a shower.

At this point I think I’ve said everything about me. I miserably failed about the order, but I’ll try to be better, I promise!

Nuff said, enjoy Trips in Sips!