King’s Day!

The Netherlands is a country that is very attached to its Royal Family and its history. Every year on April 27th it’s celebrated the Koningsdag, also called King’s Day. Again, I had to return to the Dutch territory after my Erasmus. What a shame!

I actually killed two birds with one stone: I attended the King’s Day and went for a visit at Keukenhof Park.

But first, let me explain a little ‘what and why, just to give you a general idea. Since 1885, King’s Day was actually the Princess’ Day; Holland has a history of queens only that with the strength and the courage that women have, proudly led the country to greatness throughout its existence UNTIL Queen Beatrix, in 2013, abdicates to leave the throne to his son obviously named William. Since that time they celebrate King’s Day and no longer the Queen’s Day. It’s now a national holiday, deeply felt by Dutch people and attracting millions of visitors from all around the world. In the Netherlands it is forbidden by the law to consume alcohol in the streets EXCEPT during King’s Day. On this day permissions to sell goods of several kinds are not required so the streets are full of flea markets, food trucks and so on, plus, parking is free all around Amsterdam. They use to celebrate since the dawn of April 26th, usually in The Hague, called King’s Night (Koningsnacht), with crazy outdoors and indoors parties, crazy DJs and so on, while the actual day of King’s Day it’s celebrated in Amsterdam where Oranjegekte explodes. Oranjegekte means Orange Madness and it’s a traditional phenomenon; the city completely turns orange, everything is orange, from the decorations to people’s clothes. During King’s Day it’s compulsory to wear something orange. To me orange is the most horrible color to wear existing so I simply wore an orange crown made of feather and some pendant earrings with the colors of the Dutch flag. Patriotic enough?

But why orange? To pay homage to the Royal Family of all time: the Orange, of course!

After spending the night of 26 dancing in Plein, a square in Den Haag, we went home just those 4 hours needed to survive the next day in Amsterdam. Woke up at 9AM, direction: K I N G ‘S  D A Y! Trains were crammed with people wearing orange, overcrowded streets, orange stuff everywhere! Once we arrived in Amsterdam we started drinking and strolling, and we found ourselves in the middle of a mini  improvised party outside of a pub; a lot of people dancing and having fun in the street, loud music coming from everywhere… One of the craziest parties of all time!

We booked everything late so all the huge music festivals were all sold out!

The King’s Day should definitely be added to your Bucket List!


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